What type of training do you specialize in?

I work with active individuals (all ages) looking to advance their training to fit their busy lifestyle. My clients understand we get ONE body in this life and are driven to be the Strongest and Healthiest version of themselves - In and Out of the Gym.
Each program is customized for your goals, fitness level and health background. It's designed to help you build strength, muscle, knowledge and confidence.

What are your training and nutrition credentials?

  • 6 Years as a Full Time Personal Trainer at a Luxury Fitness Club
  • National Association of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification
  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Pain-Free Performance Specialist
  • FRC: Functional Range Conditioning
  • Kettlebell Athletics I
  • Pre-Post Natal Certified
  • TriggerPoint Therapy: Self Myofascial Release Certified

Do you offer help with Nutrition?

Nutrition is essential to how our body performs. I am a Certified Nutrition Coach, who can help you formulate a step-by-step plan to reach your nutrition goals and provide you the education and accountability you need to build sustainable change!
As a nutrition coach I am not able to prescribe meal plans, supplements or treat disease(s).

How do you assess my fitness level when I begin training?

During your assessment, you will send me body analytics and videos of specific movements that will give me insight to your fitness level.
We work closely together during each program to ensure the level of training is appropriate, safe and effective for you to reach your goals!

How do I know if I am doing the exercises correctly?

You will have access to my Video Training Library. All programmed exercises will have a video link for you to review form and technique during your workout!
At any time during your program you may send me videos for review in order to help you advance!

Will I be able to connect with you during my program?

100%, YES!
You will have as much communication with me via text/email as you need! Always feel free to reach out to me during throughout the week!
At the end of each week, you will receive a weekly check in email from me. This is your chance to reflect on how the week went, your program, and progress toward your goals! You'll receive feedback and support from me in addition to any program updates/changes I've made.
The Physique & Performance Plus comes with one 60 min or two 30 min check in call each month.

I have a current or past injury that I am recovering from. Can I still train?

Absolutely, YES!
Injuries are an inevitable part of life, but it doesn't mean training needs to stop! Often, continuing to exercise around the injury (at an appropriate intensity) is a great way to help your body recover and maintain strength!
If you received any Medical Services and/or Physical Therapy for a recent injury, I will be more than happy to connect directly with those professionals to ensure you have a safe program and effective program!
If during our training you experience an injury - either in or out of the gym, I will be able to adjust your program accordingly. If needed, I will refer you out to the appropriate professional who specializes in the type of injury that needs treatment.

What does training cost?

Each training program is a monthly subscription that is billed automatically when signing up to work together.
View the program prices here.

Do I need weight training experience?

Having some exercise experience and knowing your way around the gym is very helpful in Remote Coaching - but not necessarily essential. If you are brand new to exercise, I'm happy to discuss more in detail!

Do I need a gym membership or equipment to utilize your programs?

I’m able to design a customized program for both in-gym and at-home fitness. Therefore, equipment or gym access is highly dependent on the individual and their training goals. If you are working out at home, I’m able to make equipment recommendations!