Committed to transforming your life with a streamlined plan elevating your knowledge, confidence and ability to endure a healthy lifestyle.


Amanda is an accredited personal trainer and nutrition coach with 8+ years in the Fitness Industry. After working as an in person trainer for a luxury fitness club, she began her own 1:1 coaching business with a vision to help more people make their dream transformations a reality.
Her AM Coaching Methods are built upon the principle to educate her clients with the correct knowledge while feeling supported in finding a clear path to achieve and sustain their goals.
While working together Amanda will construct a streamline program that advances her clients knowledge, strength and confidence in and out of the gym. Behavioral mindset changes are at the forefront of her methodology to help clients discover a path they will enjoy continuing for life.
Amanda became a coach to be the support she wished she had from the start. Knowing what it’s like to feel insecure and lost in her body, she knew she could provide solutions for others who felt the same. Her primary goal for all clients is to empower them to live confidently with a revitalized routine to uncover the best version of themselves and meet their transformation!
Meet Your Transformation!




“Prior to training with Amanda Marr Coaching, I had never stuck with a fitness program for more than six months. Years later, I find it easy to prioritize my workouts with Amanda. I feel strong, embodied, and healthy.

She focuses on fundamentals, good technique, and keeps the program progressing - she even supports and pushes me in difficult moments in and out of the gym. Amanda consistently stays well informed in the fitness industry & her extensive background has helped me become the strongest (and most mobile) I’ve ever been!”
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"Knowing I had a program with set criteria to go into and being able to fine tune the program where I’m actually seeing MORE results. I did see tangible results before doing my own thing, but not like I’m seeing now."
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“When I started training with Amanda, I could barely squat or lunge - A past knee surgery was still impairing my ability to move comfortably. She focused on rebuilding my foundational strength and movement confidence to further my progress. I am now the strongest I have EVER been! I will honestly say working with Amanda was life changing for me! Her knowledge and expertise are impressive, none like I have ever experienced with other trainers in the past.

Amanda really takes time to develop a workout specific to your needs and abilities. I could speak volumes about how passionate and thoughtful she is about her job and clients’ needs. Amanda has become so instrumental in my life that I simply cannot live without her.” 
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