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Physique + Performance PLUS

Physique + Performance PLUS

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A fully customized fitness and nutrition coaching plan created specifically to your fitness and health goals.

- Customized plan enhancing performance and physique
- Performance plan provided in app
- Access to the AM fit exercise library
- Detailed feedback on exercise form and technique
- Direct messaging access to Amanda for daily support
- Weekly evaluations to assess progress and program updates
- Evaluation feedback via video

- A customized and nonrestrictive plan of action to improve physique, performance, energy levels and mindfulness
- Learn the science and evidence in food to help navigate diet culture and make better choices that align with your life
- Create enjoyable and sustainable eating patterns empowering you to take control of your health
- Accountability and support as you develop new behaviors into lifelong habits
- Learn to balance healthier choices and indulgences without any guilt

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